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On Canvas

I love to play with colours and pour my emotional states on canvas. It’s an exciting, transformative and liberating experience.

This form of creative expression emerged in 2020 during lock-down in Budapest, when I couldn’t entertain my usual form of emotional expression through movement meditation. Then  the canvas became my dance floor. Accompanied by energetic music, I released my frustration, anger, sadness, fear, loneliness, boredom, passion and joy.

Painting became a form of catharsis and healing for me. Different colours kept calling me at different times, urgently wanting to be expressed.  It felt like an invigorating artistic work-out.

Then I started experimenting with different techniques and styles, especially during my prolonged stays in Austria and Italy. The change in environment gave me a lot of energy and inspiration and I noticed the strong influence of nature and the shifting colours of the seasons in my work.


At the beginning, I kept my creations to myself because their sole purpose was to serve my personal development. Only after some time and through the encouragement of a dear friend, I started sharing them with a wider audience. This is how the idea for this website was born.

You can explore my paintings here .


On Camera

​My passion for photography is way older, it started as a teenager. I loved to go out into nature or the city and explore new areas or parts through the lens of my camera. It gave me a different view of the world and allowed me to capture specific details. I love playing with contrasts, with shadows and light.

Over the years, I have been taking many photos that I would like to share, but they are too many to fit on this website.

You can find a selection here.

My background

From an early age, I developed a passion for different cultures and foreign languages, and meeting people from diverse backgrounds. The English lessons in primary school inspired me to attend a bilingual school during my teenage years in Austria. Later, I fell in love with Italy during my travels and managed to spend my Erasmus year in the eternal city as part of my studies of business administration. It was my first experience of living and studying abroad and I was fascinated by it.


Even though I had initially planned to study psychology, the studies of business administration helped open the doors for the next steps on my professional path. The focus on international business, innovation management and languages got me a traineeship at the European Commission. Together with 600 fellow trainees, I had an amazing dive into the unique ‘Brussels bubble’ working ‘together in diversity’ for Europe. I immediately felt at home in this thriving multicultural environment, and I had the desire to stay and work there. In 2006 I got my first job, and it was the start of my 13-years journey at the European Institutions in Brussels and Budapest, working in the fields of innovation policy, innovation ecosystems, university- business collaboration, entrepreneurial education, and strategy development with the objective to help address the pressing global societal challenges of our times.

They were very exciting and rich, but also very work-intensive years. To regain a better work-life balance, I started running, art therapy and meditative dancing classes in my free time. They gave me space for creative freedom and emotional release.

However, my restlessness kept growing and my desire for freedom and change was getting stronger. In  2019 I quit my job to explore a different direction. It brought many new invaluable experiences and insights about myself and the world. I travelled in Europe and Asia, I learned about alternative healing methods, psychology and astrology; and I started painting.

This exploration is ongoing, and this website is one step in the process of sharing my creations.

I hope you enjoy them, as much as I do creating them.

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